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Salvo Media’s approach to publishing focuses on both impactful editorial and quality distribution. Alongside our 8 trusted brands and quality editorial, we have an internal team, Exit 7, that manages a powerful network of celebrities and online influencers who distribute the stories we create. This generates trust and respect in our brands and our content, and acts as a catalyst of distribution, so our stories meet more people.

Working with us

So whether it’s with bold, beautiful ad experiences, branded content, editorial sponsorships, or strategic partnerships, we work to marry business objectives to data-driven advertising solutions across our brands, supported by our celebrity social-distribution network.

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of our traffic comes from social sources


of traffic is US Hispanic


of our audience is 25-49 years-old


of our traffic is mobile


of our users are female

Smart publishing requires smart distribution.

Exit 7, our network of celebrities and influencers, make up some of the most resonant voices online. So when it comes to publishing, distribution, and delivering targeted messaging, we can ensure reach that drives meaningful, quality engagement, both on- and off-platform. Because brand-aligned content is great, but it needs eyeballs to matter.

The insights we derive from our analytic platforms help us understand what editorial topics trend and perform best, and where to publish that content across our portfolio, which influences should distribute that content, and what audiences will have the most interested customers.

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Celebrity Distribution

Big, bold, beautiful advertising that works.

We offer a variety of advertising solutions from high impact, interactive ad units, branded content, and influencer distribution that can be customized to meet the needs of your campaign. Our advertising product solutions address our audience across all platforms, with rich media capabilities spanning mobile, tablet and desktop.

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  • Billboard
  • Half Page
  • Headliner
  • Leaderboard
  • Mobile Billboard
  • Mobile Leaderboard
  • Mobile Medium Rectangle
  • MPU
  • Sponsored Unit
  • Super Billboard
  • Tablet Headliner
  • Tablet Super Billboard


  • Billboard Pushdown
  • Expandable Half Page or MPU
  • Expandable MPU
  • Mobile Expansion

In-Banner Video

  • Billboard with Video
  • Expandable Billboard with Video
  • Half Page with Video
  • Mobile Medium Rectangle with Video

Sponsored content & Social

Our in-house creative team works with brands and agencies to craft custom content and social posts that are designed for sharing. Content ranges from humor to inspirational to educational, and comes in various formats, from lists to premium content like infographics, and video. Custom social posts are crafted in an authentic voice that communicates a brand's aspirations and themes, and inspires consumers to share.

Sponsored Content is seamlessly integrated into any of our sites on the homepage, site wide, social thumbnail, and mobile. Click-through rates for sponsored content has proven to be 10x the industry standard for banner ads.

Celebrity Distribution

Celebrity Distribution is the process of promoting sponsored content through the social feeds of high impact influencers, from on-air journalists to music icons. This leads to natural discovery through social networks and their feeds. Our team specializes in this process, identifying specific celebrity audiences and serving them content they want to engage with. Celebrity Distribution is proven to boost user engagement with advertiser content, brand affinity and purchase intent, and is included as a line item in every Salvo Media program.


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